R U Robots Limited

  R U Robots Limited

The institution

RUR is high-tech SME specialising in cognitive robots, control, sensing and human-robot interaction. RUR has a strong track record in working in collaboration with other organisations to bring innovative robotic solutions to a wide range of end users in many different fields of application.


Role in ESMERA

RUR’s role in ESMERA is primarily providing business and entrepreneurial coaching based on practical experience to the companies performing the experiments. In providing this coaching RUR can draw upon a successful track record, starting back in the 1980’s, of developing and selling high-tech products and services and the direct involvement in setting up 7 tech start-ups as well as involvement with most forms of growth funding. RUR can also draw upon its extensive networks for making connections with other parts of the European robotics community and end users. RUR also has a role in networking to end users, assisting with evaluations and the recruitment of SMEs to the project.

More information about the facilitator´s mentoring and support opportunities: RURobots_Information

Key personnel

Geoff Pegman is the founder and Managing Director of RUR and has over 30 years experience of the advanced robotics industry. Amongst other things he is one of the founders of the robotics European Technology Platform, Board member of euRobotics and a member of the CONNECT Advisory Forum.


Contact details

Geoff Pegman
R U Robots Limited
PO Box 248
Manchester M28 1YR
United Kingdom