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Watch the experiment’s video here.


FLOX is a livestock welfare company combining machine learning, robotics and advanced sensing to help farmers automate previously manual processes, leverage rich data, and, with FLOX-rover – take high-value actions in the shed. In this ESMERA experiment, FLOX will offer farmers remote oversight of, and insights into, the shed environment using sensor data. By feeding relevant density information to FLOX-rover, the system can reduce density hotspots in the shed. The end-goal of the agribot is to be ruggedised for the ammonia-rich, humid shed environment, safe around the birds, and modular for easy repair.

The experiment will validate the impact of our actions and the farmer’s actions (led by our system) – proving that FLOX-rover improves welfare and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Our team combines serial entrepreneurs in robotics, AI and farming with advisors including some of the top poultry farmers and welfare experts in Europe. FLOX is positioning itself as the key solution for measuring and improving key metrics for farmers – to increase profitability and welfare systematically. Our ultimate goal is to sustainably increase food supply and security at scale.