Wire Cobots

Wire Cobots

Consortium: Caretta Srl (experimental coordinator), Smart Mini Factory (SMF) lab of the Free University of Bozen (project partner).

Project Hashtag: #esmera-WireCobots

Watch the experiment’s video here.

The project WIRE COBOTS addresses the ESMERA-M.1 challenge: wire harness assembly task. WIRE COBOTS aims at improving the current assembly process of wire harnesses by introducing collaborative robots. The idea is to have a shared workstation able to exploit human abilities and machine strengths. Two are the main goals of the project. The first one (to be reached in the first phase of the ESMERA project) is the development of a new rigorous methodology on how to allocate human-robot tasks while improving safety, ergonomics and psychophysical wellbeing of operators, taking concurrently into account the production efficiency. The results of this first part (i.e .design of a safety collaborative cell with improved ergonomics features) applied to the wire harness assembly process will be corroborated through the set up of a demonstrator with a TRL of 4/5. The second goal (to be reached in the second phase of the ESMERA project) is the realization of an innovative robotic solution able to solve a real-life problem. The achievement of such a goal will require an industrialization of the previous developed prototype. A second demonstrator with a TRL of 7/8 will be set up to demonstrate the usability and the applicability of the proposed solution in real-world scenarios.

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