ESMERA is Hitting the 2021 IROS Exhibition!


ESMERA will be attending this year’s IROS exhibition! The exhibition will be a key feature of one of the biggest robotic conferences in world.


The exhibition will be open every day from September 27th to September 30th at 14:00-18:10. Join us to get more in depth information about the ESMERA project and our impressive experiments. Our exhibitors will be there to answer your general and technical questions on these topics. The exhibition will also include videos of technologies developed by experiments within ESMERA and other materials with more information about our current and previous experiments.


We will be there to answer any of your questions via video or text chat. Come by and say hi!


And don’t forget to also join us for an interactive workshop on September 27th at 14:00-16:00. We will be joined by challenge providers from leading European industries, technical experts, seasoned business people, ESMERA experimenters and other important guests. See you there!