ESMERA newsletter, June 2021 edition

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Who we are

ESMERA is a starting point for European SMEs in designing and developing robotic solutions, providing mentorship, networking and funding.

Key European companies have defined industry challenges in two open calls. A total of 32 experiments have been funded which address those challenges. The teams are supported by the ESMERA consortium, made up of four leading competence centers and three successful European robotics companies acting as mentors.

ESMERA First Open Call Experiments (ESMERA-FOCE)

The ESMERA-FOCE aimed to provide solutions in four sectors: agriculture, construction, energy and manufacturing. ESMERA-FOCE has already brought to light five robotic solutions which presented their final results and their experiences from ESMERA project on 24th of March 2021 in the online event. Congratulations to the top ranked ESMERA-FOCE finalists COBOLLEAGUE, Minotaur-R, NIx, REFLECT, and WIRE COBOTS .


It is a mobile robot for autonomous transport of the different loads in construction sites.
The project presents these key developments:
> High mobility mobile base ready for modular payloads in all-terrains - Rocker-bogie mechanism
> Environment mapping, a complete 3D representation of the environment that can be used to: - Localize the robot reliably - Identify all the obstacles and potential cliffs and gaps where the robot may fall - Collect data to be used with Building Information Modelling (BIM)


It is an autonomous robotic system designed for inspection and intervention in Oil & Gas environments.
The project presents these key developments:
> Elimination of human operators in inspection and maintenance routines to have workers in safe remote areas just supervising the robot operation.
> The development of an ATEX certifiable navigation module adaptable to different robot platforms which contributes to ease robotics deployments through coherent standards.
> The integration of the sensor information to have a significant impact in predictive analytics related to operational state of the infrastructure.


It is an autonomous robotic system designed for advanced nuclear was­te sorting during the decommissioning of fuel elements of Magnox type reactors. It is capable of detecting, picking and placing High Radioactive Magnox springs, which are scattered among other radioactive (Low or Medium) nuclear debris, on a separate tray to be finally stored in dry lead containers.
The project presents these key developments:
> Elimination of slow and error prone processes caused by human operators.
> Eradication of radiation exposure of operators.
> Overcoming consistent hardships of precisely evaluating critical small and contaminated components.


It is a robotic system designed for the assembly of deformable parts in dishwashers. It utilizes the concepts of safe human robot interaction and colla­boration. The system is able handle gaskets and will assemble them in the inner tube of dishwasher doors.
The project presents these key developments:
> Dexterous robotic grippers for flexible object grasping and manipulation.
> Multi-sensory system for flexible objects detection and situation awareness.
> Safe oriented collaborative layout and control architecture integration.


It is a robotic system designed for taping electrical cables. This robotic equipment is able to assist the operator in the most repetitive activities.
The project presents these key developments:
> Easing the bio­mechanical overload on operators to reduce operator fatigue, discomfort and injury.
> Increase the productivity and efficiency in assembly lines.

IROS 2021

ESMERA will take a part in 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2021) with a booth in the exhibition area and with a full-day workshop "European SMEs Robotics Applications – Novel robotics solutions for the European production". The detailed programme will be announced soon!
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