Project Name: NIx

Consortium: IDMIND

Project Hashtag: #NIxRobotNavigation

Link to a demonstration video: Click here

NIx proposal puts together two partners: the SME IDMind with a consolidated expertise in the development and commercialization of robot platforms for remote inspection in harsh environments; and the University of Pablo de Olavide with a long track record in the development of localization, perception and navigation solutions.

The two partners are collaborating to develop an off-the-shelf TRL7 ATEX certifiable navigation module (NIx), adaptable (with minimal changes) to different robot platforms.

The Consortium successfully completed the first phase of the project, which focused the scientific/technical development of the navigation module and its validation in a relevant scenario. In Phase II the Consortium will pay particular attention to the industrialization of the product, improving its reliability and usability, and developing a proper enclosing to protect it from the weather and environmental elements, that does not impair the operation of the sensors and enables its future ATEX zone 1 certification.

The Nix system focuses on modularity/adaptability to different robot platforms, together with environmental protection according to IP67 and ATEX certifiability requirements. These features are unique and result from 10 years of innovation in robotics inspection.