ESMERA Challenges
Second Open Call, September 2019

Within the current open call, industrial end users have defined specific challenges that are to be solved by introducing a robotics solution. European SMEs can now apply to solve one or more of these challenges. They derive from the following areas: Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Agri-Food, Retail, Healthcare and Emergency Response.

In these areas, sub-challenges have been defined that now are looking for the installation of a robotics solution. Applicants are also allowed to propose a sub-challenge with an existing end-user on their own. However, solving the predefined challenges is preferred and will be rewarded with two more evaluation points during the evaluation process.

Applicants must use the ESMERA application form for applying. If you are insecure about whether your experiment idea or an own challenge is suitable, you are welcome to use the preproposal template to receive feedback from the ESMERA consortium beforehand. All proposals must be handed in within the deadline ending on December 2nd.

The predefined challenges for ESMERA are the following:

Please note: There have been made updates in the Challenge Descriptions.

ESMERA Challenges Agriculture

ESMERA Challenges Construction

ESMERA Challenges Emergency Response

ESMERA Challenges Energy

ESMERA Challenges Food Processing

ESMERA Challenges Healthcare

ESMERA Challenges Manufacturing

ESMERA Challenges Retail