Project Name: NeRo

Consortium: Cyber Surgery SL

Project Hashtag: esmera-nero

Watch the experiment’s video here.

Robotic assistant for spinal procedures The current solution of Cyber Surgery is adapted for the average patient and cases where only two or three vertebrae are intervened. The challenge presented is focused on the design and development work to adapt the robotic system to address scoliosis interventions where complicate trajectories must be reached and accuracy levels must be maintained.

The aim of the project is to adapt the Robotic Assistant for Spinal Procedures to be able to perform more complex procedures, such as scoliosis surgery. For that purpose, tasks related to research, specification, design and simulation will be performed: The specifications of the tracker attributes will be defined and a new tracker design will be implemented. Then, the validation of the tracker design will be performed in simulation environment. Additionally, the tracker will be validated performing a test using a plastic phantom and a tracker manufactured by additive manufacturing. In order to take development to level TRL7, the real manufacture of the tracker, the software developments associated to use it in the robot and their validation in real scenario will be performed. In parallel the future commercialisation of the product will be formulated by preparing a clear business model.